Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meet Salmans Playing 11 it will consist of Jai Ho

Salman Khan’s movie ‘Jai Ho’ is going to be released by tomorrow. I must say that all of Salman Khan fans would have been waiting for his ‘Jai Ho’. It is saying that Salman gave the chance to his anonymous friends in his movie. Salman Khan ‘Jai Ho’ is the first ever movie of 2014 which will directly compete to ‘Dhoom3’ and ‘Chennai Express’ in terms of earning.

This movie is believed to be a remake of Chiranjeevi’s movie ‘Stalin’ which was released in 2006.  This is going to be a big challenge for director ‘Sohail Khan’ and star casts of the movie to proved themselves.

There are 11 players in Salman’s Jai Ho like a cricket team who has been casted and most of them are Salman’s fiends and relative buddies. I tried to describe about their role and connection with Salman Khan below :

Daisy Shah : She is in a leading role with Salman in the movie. ‘Jai Ho’ is the debut for Daisy.

Connection with Salman Khan:
Salman Khan noticed Daisy in the company of choreographer Ganesh, when she was dancing in the background.

Tabu : Tabu will be seen as a sister of Salman Khan in the movie.

Connection with Salman Khan:
Salman Khan is a good friend of Tabu since Tabu both worked together in ‘Hum Sath Sath Hain’ in th year 1999.

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