Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dhoom 3 Movie Fans Blast a Bomb

Dhoom 3

How long can you go for watching a movie? In Bihar, the fans of latest movie Dhoom 3 has gone beyond their limits and their madness turned into deadly scenes. Because of their behavior many peoples were about to loss their life. Fans of Dhoom 3 standing outside the cinema hall did a bomb blast in the crowd because they could not get the movie tickets. But thanks to the God that nobody was injured in that blast.
Actually this is the case of Bhagalpur region of Bihar. At 8:30 pm Monday, there was a lot of crowd outside the cinema hall near for getting the Dhoom 3 movie tickets.  Suddenly there was a blast and all atmospheres filled with panic. Later it was found that many peoples were angry over there because of not getting movie tickets and they did the blast. This was all done to create a panic in the crowd and threaten the peoples. They showed their anger by doing this silly thing.

But the local police is refusing of any blast. They said that some anti social elements used some crackers to threaten the peoples.

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